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      We left the citynine years ago and moved to a rural area half way between two small towns. We live off by ourselves on several acres. It has been great.

      We have lots of privacy.
      I can drive to either town for food and household products. Only one town has clothes and stuff like that. I usually order a lot of my purchases online and let either the Postal Service or UPS drive them to me rather than drive 40 miles to the city.
      Schools don’t matter to us.

      We homeschool.


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      I grew up in the country. Where everyone knew everyone. I like where I live now since everything is within minutes.

      but i miss sitting on the porch swing and just waving to everyone that goes by. and saying hello to everyone just because it is the nice thing to do without an agenda.

      I miss living in the counrty. I tell Jeff all the time I would love to move back to the country.
      When you grow up their you always want to leave for something better.

      Well, I miss it now that I am all grown up.


      Pat Sinclair wrote:

      I live in a small village ( 600 people) and love it!


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