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      I just replied to a thread about one of our members being excited for harvesting her own home grown potatoes… and I completely understood her enthusiasm… and it made me wonder..

      What keeps YOU going? What are your successes? What encourages You?

      For me.. it’s lots of little things… this past weekend I got 40#’s of Tomatoes for $8. (That’s about .20 a lb!). Yes, a couple of them had a few rough spots, but I was able to make salsa, canned diced tomatoes and tomato sauce.
      I also got 56#’s of cucumbers for .40 a lb. (Can you say PICKLES, lol).

      It was a great feeling getting these processed into jars of yummies that will last all year, and figuring out exactly how much money I really saved by making my own groceries. It’s a great feeling.

      ~ Liss ~

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