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      No clue. Sorry!!!!

      Keith wrote: Does anyonbe know the cost per to run a slow cooker,I know the range
      costs about .25 cents an hr to cook something — In, “islandgirl9559”
      > Slow cookers are a blessing in my home.

      At times, I use two at a
      > time. I am 48 years old
      mom and wife, take care of my 29 year old
      > autistic son, and study at an university. I don’t have time to
      > So in the mornings, I start one slow cooker with whatever meat I’m
      > going to make that day and another slow cooker filled with potatoes
      > water.

      By the end of the day, the house smells as if I’ve been
      > over a hot stove all day. When its dinner time, all I have to do
      > drain the potatoes, mash them, take the meat out of the slow
      > and make a salad. If you haven’t purchased a slow cooker, its a
      > investment.

      If you can, buy two slow cookers. People will think
      > you slaved over a hot stove all day.

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