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      I love the potatoes idea. i use my crock pot then make the potatoes on the stove. i have always though it defeats the purpose of using the crock pot.

      lol unless i cook everything together. but somethimes hubby does not like everything cooked together, i will have to get another crock pot. thanks

      islandgirl9559 wrote: Slow cookers are a blessing in my home. At times, I use two at a
      time. I am 48 years old mom and wife, take care of my 29 year old
      autistic son, and study at an university.

      I don’t have time to cook.
      So in the mornings, I start one slow cooker with whatever meat I’m
      going to make that day and another slow cooker filled with potatoes and
      water. By the end of the day, the house smells as if I’ve been cooking
      over a hot stove all day. When its dinner time, all I have to do is
      drain the potatoes, mash them, take the meat out of the slow cooker,
      and make a salad.

      If you haven’t purchased a slow cooker, its a great
      investment. If you can, buy two slow cookers. People will think that
      you slaved over a hot stove all

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