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      — In, “Tonya P” wrote:


      > How did you make this? It sounds good, I would love to try it. I am


      > using my crockpot.


      > Tonya



      > On 7/14/08, Stephanie Dark wrote:

      > >

      > > I love my slow cooker too! I just made a ham & cheese egg

      scramble in

      > > my slow cooker the other day!!! Started it before I went to sleep

      > > then it was ready the next morning for everyone to have for

      > > breakfast. I am looking for recipes for oatmeal in the slow

      cooker so

      > > if you have one please forward. I have also seen recipes for


      Cool I think I may drag mine out and take it for a spin abd see what

      I can come up with.

      > > quick breads in the slow cooker (slow-cooker-quick-bread; sounds


      > > an oxymoron, LOL!!!) which I may try one of these days.

      > >

      > > There are some great slow cooker sites on the web, including one

      by a

      > > woman who is blogging her 365 days of slow cooker use (using it

      for a

      > > full year) who was profiled on Rachel Ray!

      > >

      > > Thanks,

      > > Stephanie

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