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      Recipe courtesy Paula Deen
      1 pound dry pinto beans
      1 teaspoon chili powder
      1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
      1/2 pound ham hocks, or 1/4 pound streak o’ lean
      4 cups water
      1 onion, chopped
      House Seasoning, recipe follows
      Wash the beans and soak overnight in cold water. Drain the beans and
      dump into slow cooker. Stir in chili powder and oregano. If using ham
      hock: Pre-soak ham in a separate pot, for at least 2, or refrigerated up
      to 24 hours, depending on how salty you want your stock to be. Add ham
      hock to slow cooker with beans and pour in ham soaking liquid. Add more
      water until ham hock is completely covered. If using streak o’ lean: Cut
      into cubes, brown in a skillet, and place the meat and any rendered fat
      in the slow cooker with beans. Pour 4 cups water into pot. Add onion to
      slow cooker with beans and meat. Stir well. Season, to taste, with House
      Seasoning, cover the pot, and cook on high until beans are very tender,
      about 5 hours.
      House Seasoning:
      1 cup salt
      1/4 cup black pepper
      1/4 cup garlic powder
      Mix ingredients together and store in an airtight container for up to 6
      months. Yield: 1 1/2 cups

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      My dad use to make this and serve it over diced fried potatoes with cornbread on the side. Thanks for the recipe!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dump Recipes SLOW COOKER PINTO BEANS