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      1 pound ground beef
      16 hamburger buns
      1/2 medium onion
      black pepper
      American cheese
      pickle slices
      Prepare beef by separating it into 16 1-ounce portions. Using waxed paper, flatten each into thin square patties (each side should be around 2 1/2-inches in length). Take a pen cap and make five small, evenly spaced holes in each patty.

      Freeze the patties.
      Cut each hamburger bun down to a 2 1/2-inch square and cut each onion into match-like pieces. In a large pan, grill the faces of the buns over medium heat. In the pan, spread tbs-size piles of onions a few inches a part from one another.

      Apply salt and pepper to each pile. Place a patty on each pile of onions. As each patty cooks, apply salt.
      Cook each burger for 5 minutes on the onions.

      Put the patty and the onions between two grilled buns. Serve. 8 servings
      purr smilie

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