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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Slab o’ scabs

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      Slab O’ Scabs

      # 12 To 16 raisins
      # 2 slices Bread
      # Butter or margarine
      # Seedless berry jam


      1. Tear raisins into variously sized scab like pieces and set aside.
      2. Toast bread until golden brown.

      Carefully place hot toast on a plate.
      3. Spread each slice of toast first with butter and then with jam.
      4. Artfully arrange scabs on jam and eat.

      Serves 1 wounded worshiper.

      Sicko serving suggestion: Surreptitously place a raisin scab on the gauze part of a sterile, non-medicated, bandage and apply it to the clean, dry appendage of your choice. Then tell your intended victim that you’re so hungry you could eat a scab. Whip off your bandage and chow down.

      From the Book: Gross Grub, by Cheryl Porter

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Slab o’ scabs