Skin Smoother

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      Skin Smoother
      2 large carrots
      1 celery stalk
      1 apple
      1 cucumber
      Cucumbers are known to be beneficial to the skin when consumed and when used topically. Cucumbers are rich in silica, important for the complexion and skin elasticity. Try to buy organic cucumbers for juicing, so that you can juice with the peel on. Most of the silica is in the peel. If you can’t buy organic, remove the peel before juicing. Add ingredients to a juicer, or blend chopped ingredients. Makes 1 serving.
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      Tend to get really dry skin, may try this to see if it’ll help, thanks. 🙂

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      My DD, the herbologist says (as you may have heard), “you are what you eat!” Based on what she’s taught me over the years, with a little of my own research and experimentation, I came up with a tasty smoothie. I agree with her about consuming what we need AND supplementing topically (or I wouldn’t be an Avon Lady…giggle). My naturally oily skin has finally started to show signs of aging and I really think that this recipe has made some improvement to my skin texture. That, and continuing to moisturize topically, have made a difference based on the comments that I receive. I try to have this at least three times a week with breakfast or twice a week as a snack sometime during the day. Let us know how it works for you!

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