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      Acne is one of the most common skin conditions in the modern and developed world. Many teenagers, and those in their twenties are more prone to acne than adults; although, adults may get it too. For some reason or another acne always seems to come when a “big event” is approaching.

      The nature of the event isn’t really important; it may be a job interview, a first date, a business meeting. The first thing you do is try to hide the acne with hair, heavy makeup, or attempt to “pop” it which ultimately will make it worse and even lead to scarring. For acne sufferers all over the world, this scenario is all too common and is just another challenge in the modern world.

      However, there is a solution. Acne can be managed and brought under control with a few simple guidelines.

      1.) Nourish-

      The most important factor in healing any condition; including acne, is diet. A balanced diet could help in giving your system the necessary tools to fight bumps and blemishes on the skin. In addition, your complexion will become brighter, and more energy will suddenly be released.

      Small choices can bring about major changes. Eating fruits, vegetables, and more whole foods will help to vitalize the body and brain with vitamins and minerals while improving digestion with enzymes. Also, drinking a sufficient amount of water ; about 8 glasses a day, will help to purify and clean toxins in the system.

      2.) Cleanse-

      Cleansing the skin is essential for attaining and maintaining a clearer complexion. You don’t have to wash your face with harsh and stripping alcohols or gritty scrubs either. There are many gentle and dermatologist recommended cleansers on the market such as Cetaphil, which may be a solution to removing the daily dirt and oil.

      Exfoliating the skin two to three times a week with a safe exfoliating cleanser is also a great way to buff away dead skin cells and other impurities. Yet, always keep in mind that overwashing the skin leads to irritation and in turn causes greater oil production for more skin problems.

      3.) Protect-

      Sun exposure can help the skin by providing doses of Vitamin D3, but these benefits are temporary. Constant and major sun exposure will actually do the opposite of helping your skin by plugging the pores and comedones (whiteheads or blackheads), and create a comfortable breeding ground for more acne. Thus, to avoid this problem; especially if you have already cleared your skin, you should use an SPF 15 or 30 sunscreen when outside.

      4.) Rest-

      A good night sleep of 7-8 hours beginning around 10pm is a wonderful way of gaining a healthier complexion. Healthy resting habits help in clearing acne by building a stronger immune system. Also, if you do not receive adequate rest at the right time of night your skin will appear pale and dull; an indication of a weaker immune system, and thus you will be more prone to breakouts.

      5.) Exercise-

      Working out is a great way to increase blood flow through the body, achieve a higher heart rate, increase vitamin and mineral absorption from foods, increase the oxygen level in the bloodstream, detoxify the body, and improve overall function in both the body and brain. On top of all these great benefits movement in the body also helps you to release energy, thus enabling you to relax and reduce stress. As you will see in the next solution, stress reduction is crucial in attaining clear skin.

      6.) Relax-

      Tension and stress in the body has many detrimental effects. Tension leads your adrenal glands to flood the bloodstream with a hormone known as Cortisol. Cortisol has been the cause of many chronic conditions, but when hormone levels escalate then this ultimately causes acne flare ups and severe breakouts.

      So, it is important to take time out everyday to just sit and relax, and let your mind unwind. Meditation alone can be the best way to relax and let the body attain a higher level of peace and tranquility. Clearer skin could be achieved through meditation since you are in the process of rejuvenation where you are releasing the body and mind of any pressures and anxieties that would otherwise take a toll on the immune system.

      Evidently being acne free is not simply having a strict skin cleansing regimen. Having clear skin and a glowing complexion includes adopting a system and lifelong routine that aims at all aspects of prevention and healthcare, one that will provide clear skin for years to come.

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      hello, nice thread .Good tips to clear skin. Natural products and exercises specially yoga is very much beneficial for skin problems.

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