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      Lori, to save on the inconvienence, you can purchase a spliter and put it on the
      wall jack. They are about $2.00 at Wal-Mart, $4.00 at Radio shack. What they
      do is they plug into the jack like a phone cord, and on the front they have a
      place you can plug in TWO phone lines.

      It doesn’t double your line or anything,
      just makes it so you don’t have to unplug one for the other. We have used them
      in the past with dialup and our connection has never suffered. 🙂 It is still
      very secure, because, unless you are offline on the computer you can’t make a
      phone call.

      At least with ours you couldn’t. If you picked up the phone then you just got

      Another thing you can do… If you have a computer build after 1992 at least,
      there is a phone jack on the back of the computer (if you run Mac I am not so
      sure). Run the phone line from the wall to the computer, and then from the
      computer to the phone.

      To be sure the computer is disconnected from the phone
      line all you have to do is pick up the handset on the phone. Picking up the
      phone will not disconnect the computer, but you will hear the “squelchy” sounds
      of the modems talking and it will let you know if someone was a ding dong and
      left the connection on. my mom’s phone is hooked up like this and everytime
      someone gets off the computer they pick up the handset and check to make sure it
      is disconnected (they have forgotten a few times and dad can’t see the little
      connection computers in the sys tray).

      when the computer isn’t online, it still
      allows you to use the phone normally too.

      emily y.
      “He brings home the bacon, I cook it!”
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      I would do that, except we have one phone line and one phone jack. So, if we
      want on the internet, we unhook the phone and hook up the computer. When we get
      done, we hook the phone back up.

      A nuisance,yes, but then again, no one can
      hack into our computer without our knowledge.

      Lori Goltl

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