Single Cup Microwave Brownies

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      Single Cup Microwave Brownies
      Mix the following ingredients in a small bowl
      then put in a small baggie and tie close. And
      slid into a pretty cup.

      4 tablespoons sugar
      4 tablespoons flour
      2 tablespoons cocoa
      dash of salt

      Attach the following recipe to a microwave cup add

      2 tablespoons veg oil
      2 tablespoons water
      1/4 teaspoon vanilla

      wisk dry ingredients together
      in large coffee cup/mug
      add oil water and vanilla
      and mix good
      microwave on high 1- 1/2 minutes…
      ovens may vary…

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      JoAnn, thanks for the recipe. This would make a really cool gift for teachers, or anyone! I am definately using this one!!!

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      i am going to have to keep this as a “just because” present for people..

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      JoAnn I am going to make this and just give it to my parents and in laws. I think they would like this. My mom doesn’t eat sweets, but this would be great for her to give my dad for a really quick dessert, or just when he wants something sweet to eat.

      This recipe is a keeper! Thank you! Have a blessed day all!!

      :occasion16: :dance: :occasion16:

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      I’ve been playing with this recipe some since a girlfriend sent it to me in December and discovered that with the omission of the cocoa and the addition of…say…lemon concentrate (I substitute 1 Tbs of the concentrate for 1 Tbs of the water) and adding about 1/2 Tbs of poppy seeds, this makes a pretty passable cake-let.

      Adding mint extract to the brownie also works well as does adding 3 Tbs of peanut butter chips.

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