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      7 clever hacks you can use to keep your most valuable items safe in the event of a break-in or a robbery

      If you live in an area that isn’t particularly safe, or even if you think you’re all set, here are some secret hiding stash areas that you probably should think about using.

      This first one is my favorite, it’s easy to construct and no one would think to look there. Make a false bottom and use a kitchen utensil as the “handle” then fill the drawer with the regular utensils.

      picture frame hidden storage- build a medicine cabinet into the wall and hide it behind a picture frame

      stack of books hidden safe

      run out of mayo or peanut butter? wash the jar, dry it, spray paint the inside and you have an instant secret hiding place.

      if you have some old film canisters or medicine bottles hanging around, you can fill them with cash and hide them in your houseplants.

      remove the toe kick board under your kitchen cabinets and replace it with a velcro toe-kick board for instant hidden storage.

      fake pvc/dummy plumbing is another option for hiding valuables.

      What are some of your favorite secret hiding spots for items?

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      If you’re going to a big event, it can be up to 70 per cent cheaper to park on someone’s drive than use official parking at the venue. And it’s often quicker to get away afterwards. Websites such as,, and can set you up with a homeowner.

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      To help you get started on the road to early retirement, here are tips and strategies from regular people who are on track to retire before 45, or who have already succeeded.”It means becoming aware of the things that you own, becoming aware of the burden ‘stuff’ can create, and carefully scrutinizing items before bringing them into your life.”

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