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      If you want to make your own gorgeous autumn dish, here’s a very simple DIY project.

      1.Blow up the balloon
      2. Mix a bowl 1/2 water and 1/2 flour
      3. Put balloon in another bowl to keep it still

      Put a thin coat of the mixture on the balloon
      5. Put (fake) autumn leaves on the balloon, overlapping them slightly and putting another coat of the mixture over the top. If you plan on using Real leaves you have to do 3 layers- a layer of leaves, a layer of white tissue paper and then another layer of leaves.

      Otherwise the leaves break down too quickly.
      6. Leave to dry overnight
      7. Pop the balloon & remove it.

      Spray the Dish with clear Shellac, let it dry completely.

      Finally you have a beautiful dish, which you can fill with Ghiradelli Chocolates (or anything else you’d prefer!)

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