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      Take a wide mouth jar, like a canning jar or empty mayonnaise container, and place a piece of bait such as a piece of bread, fruit or any solid sugary substance in it. Then insert a funnel into the top of the jar.

      Then place a couple of pieces of wood or something to elevate the jar on the counter. Now turn the jar with the funnel upside down and set it on whatever you are using to elevate it.

      The flies will be drawn into the jar because of the bait but will not be able to find their way out. Then to get rid of the flies, simply turn the jar right side up and fill it with water through the funnel.

      My mom showed me this when I was a kid, thought it was fun to do cause you will catch other critters too.




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      I’ve used this upright for years to collect gnats– never dawned on me to turn the thing upside down! Will look forward to trying it!

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      I know it will work, I cant stand those knats!!! 🙂

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      Not sure if I understand this…How do the flies get in? Please try to explain again, sounds like a great idea if I could understand it. Thanks.

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      I use a banana peel for my gnat trap and tape the funnel on. What she is saying after you bait the trap and put your funnel on, turn it upside down. But you have to put it on something so the flies can crawl up into the funnel and into the jar.

      I’m wondering if after I duct tape my funnel on like I’ve always done, maybe I could hang it up because the funnel is secured and won’t come off.

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      the peice of wood is under the jar that is upside down. The peice of wood elevates it amd the fruit or sugar stuff is in the jar… hope this helps some!!


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      Ok, I don’t want to sound stupid here, but I am having trouble visualizing this. I guess I am a visual learner. So I take a clean mayo jar and I put a funnel into it as if I am pouring something into it.

      I turn it upside down and elevate it perhaps on a wood block or two and leave a space not to completely block the hole in the funnel… Am I correct? If so, I am going to try this.

      Thanks again.

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      YES!! Thats it!! Awesome!!

      remember to put something inside to attract those pesky critters… 🙂

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      knats where do these really come to being in a kitchen? The trap sounds like a great idea.

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      Gonna give this one a try. Think it will work on those pesky little moths that sneak in the house at night? Everytime we let our dogs out, they sneak in.

      Poor dh runs around the house like a mad man trying to swat at them, to no avail. we have jokingly said they are “nine lives moths”, think poor hubby is going to loose his mind soon if i can’t come up with a way to get rid of them. his suggestion was to get some bug bombs!!!lol told him that’s not gonna work, they’re sneakin in when we open the back door.

      told him he’s better off trying to teach the dogs to use th potty!:044:

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      I have caught a numerious amount of “flying insects” especially lately since the weather has gotten colder and the insects come inside…. 🙂

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