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      I keep getting asked over & over again for this recipe when I bring these scrumptious biscuits to various gatherings! It seems people just can’t get enough of the light flaky layers.

      7up biscuits

      4 cups Quick mix or Bisquick
      1 cup sour cream
      1 cup 7-up
      1/2 cup melted butter

      In a big bowl mix the quick mix, sour cream and 7 up. Dough will be very soft – don’t worry, it’s supposed to be that way!

      Knead and fold dough until coated with your baking mix.

      Pat dough out about an inch or so thick and cut biscuits (round/square, whatever).

      Melt butter in bottom of cookie sheet pan or 9×13 casserole dish.

      Place biscuits on top of melted butter and bake @ 425 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until brown.

      That’s it!

      This makes the most amazing biscuits you’ll ever eat.

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      you can make these with homemade 7up too using a soda machine

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      Wow! We will have to try this one!! Yum!

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      These look amazing and so easy. Thank you

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      I made these but with club soda as I had no 7up and they were absolutely delicious! So moist and tender! Thanks for the recipe.

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      Can you substitute greek yogurt for sour cream?

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