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      I am trying to join the forum.I’m not sure how long I have been getting the budget 101 newsletter .but was unable to read for almost a year bad computer,couldn’t stay online.

      I cant remember if I joined the forems back then and that might be why I cant get signed up proper now.

      I used to be at **Hidden Email**, now I am at *Hidden Email**
      User name could have been *hidden*, password *hidden* or *hidden* or *hidden*
      Can you help me get signed up.
      Thank you Mar.

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      Your password has been reset and an email dispatched to your address. 🙂

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      I have just joined the list. How do I go about selecting the specific forums I wish to join?

      Thank you in advance,

      Marie Rieuwers

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      You can subscribe to various forums if you like, but you don’t have to join any of them to read them, just click on them in the forum list. Forums – Your Complete Frugal Living Resource

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      Thank you for this. It was all a bit confusing for me when I read about ‘signing up’.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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Board Rules & Regs Tech Support signing up to forums