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      At 07:25 AM 3/22/2008, you wrote:

      >I’m thinking about starting a side business for some extra cash per month

      >(hoping about 4-8 hours of working). I currently work as a Senior Systems

      >Analyst and am very good at programming, however I’m not sure what route to

      >go. Many people have said basically take your “hobby” and turn it into a

      >side business. My hobbies include : walking, exercising, helping others

      >out with finances, studying the bible, reading, theology.

      walking – walking dogs (assuming you like them). A lot of people are

      willing to pay somebody to come by and walk their dog.

      finance classes – perhaps a small group of 5-10 people at a time so

      that you can charge a rate that isn’t too high per person, but would

      be worth your time. You could teach some basics and let them ask

      questions as well.

      Meghan & the Zoo Crew

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