Should I refinance house?

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      Don’t worry about being laughed at. Go to your bank and just be honest with them. One time we were behind and they called us and we refinanced and got a lowered house payment so we could afford to pay.

      you really need to talk to them, and also i think it depends if they sold your mortgage or not….but there are things that can be done….find out. they might even have ideas that you never thought of… good luck.


      I will try to keep this reasonably short. Due to my daughters
      illness, my own surgery and personal reasons, I left my job of 23
      years, a year ago. I do not regret the choice.

      I managed to stay on
      top of the bills using my savings, child support and unemployment my
      job allowed me. A month ago I REALLY lucked out and got a better job
      that pays even more. At this point all my bills are current except my
      mortgage which is one month behind, and I have some smaller medical
      bills being payed off.

      I am not worried about catching up on it. The
      problem is I want to help my daughter get a car. She was on weekly
      medical treatments that had severe side effects.

      She is now healthy
      and looking for a job. I have about 8 years left on my mortgage to
      pay off. I am thinking I will refinance for the same period of time
      left and get money out from my equity.

      Does anyone think I will look
      crazy asking my bank for this when my current mortgage is late? I
      don’t want to get another loan for this, as I plan to make extra
      payments on my mortgage principle to pay it off earlier. I also was
      planning to use some of the money for small home improvements.

      So my
      homes value would benefit too. My daughter needs a car now. We all
      know our credit takes a long time to clean up.

      So any advice would
      truly be appreciated! Would I be laughed out of my bank?

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Should I refinance house?