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      Hi there,

      I’m Michelle, sahm to 2 children that I home school, army wife with a deployed husband (Iraq, due home in Feb). I consider it my “job” to save my family as much money as possible. I do so by hunting for freebies, great deals, cooking from scratch, seeking out discounts, and doing things as frugally as possible. There’s always room for improvement when it comes to saving money, so I am here to find new ideas.

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      DohDohBird, welcome to the site. Tell your hubby I said THANK YOU for making the world a little safer for me and my family 🙂 Hope you enjoy the site. Should you need help please ask-we like to help. Look forward to your future postings.

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      Hi Michelle !!! Welcome to our lil group !!! We are so glad to have you !!! Thanx again for all the sacrifice you your husband and your family make to help make our country the greatest in the WORLD !!!! If there’s one thing I can tell you it’s that this site is going to teach you so much !!! Have fun !!!!

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      Welcome DohDohBird! I hope you find lots of help on this site! Good for you for working hard to take care of the home & save as much money as possible so that your hubbie doesn’t have to have that worry on his mind while he is deployed! There is a lot to learn here & please jump in & give us your tips & ideas as well! 🙂

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      Hey there Michelle!!!

      Nice to meet you!!! Welcome to the best site on the net!!! Jump on in with your posts!!!

      God Bless!!

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      Welcome Michelle!!!! 🙂 Glad to have you. This site is wonderful, you’ll enjoy it

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      Chatted with you already. Stay in touch. Nice post so far.

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      Hello and welcome to the B101 family Michelle!
      A big thank you to you and your family for all you’re doing to keep the rest of us safe. You are our heros!!!you rock
      Can’t wait to hear more from you. Anything you need, please let us know.


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      Thank you all for the kind words and the warm welcomes. 🙂 I wish I’d found this place sooner!

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      Welcome to the group

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Short intro :)