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      — In, “Lucy Anderson”



      > I have on going on Google Spreadsheets – my husband thinks I’m

      crazy because

      > I pre-calculate exactly what I’ll buy and how much it is going to

      be and

      > tweak the numbers until it is all just right. LOL


      > It is not very fancy but took me all of 5 minutes to make. One tab

      for each

      > grocery store (I go to two stores each week). A column for the

      name, the

      > price, the quantity, the total, and then I make the line colored if

      I need

      > to go pull a coupon to get this deal. Total at the bottom and the


      > sheet will carry forward the other store total so I can see it all


      > Sometimes I will insert the “regular price” (pre-coupon) when the


      > offers a deal if you buy “$40 of this brand” (which is calculated


      > regular prices) so I can be sure to get the deal.


      > On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 5:42 AM, Starbright wrote:


      > > Is there a shopping list already made up anywhere that has room


      > > quantity and price and auto calculates the total?


      That is close to what I did. I made a list of the items I purchase

      from each dept. Then I made a column for each store I shop at and

      then I put down what each costs at each store. I added a column for

      best price, unit price and cost of making it at home. I am still

      filling mine out but it makes it easier to make a list. I make a list

      of what I need and then compare the prices to decide what I am buying

      at each store. Go in with a list and put the blinders on.

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