Shoes for the kids

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      dont forget good will, and call local churches many have thrift stores

      in there basments or recrooms certian days of the week and month. and

      if there are any near you call community centers many of them also have

      thrift stores in certian rooms. and most of them are wayyy cheaper then

      reg thrift stores. my daughter loves going to some of them around

      here. but she only gets to go once a month lol.

      — In, “holm_kristin”



      > My sons need shoes. The 8 year old needs sandals and the 4 year old

      > needs sandals and gym shoes. I have ravaged Target and the Salvation

      > Army, but now I am getting desperate. What is a good way to get some

      > decent shoes for the kids without spending an arm and a leg, or even

      > one leg? Thanks


      > Kristin

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