Shoes for the kids

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      We don’t have a clothing swap, but a lot of children’s clothing

      sales. Maybe I should start a swap at the school. It seems that

      boys shoes are run into the ground and thrown away because i can

      never find used boys shoes, always girls.


      — In, “Lucy Anderson”



      > Payless Shoe Source is where I go. Or Freecycle or look for

      friends who

      > have kids just a tad bit older (hand me downs).


      > Does your church offer a clothing swap?


      > On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 7:51 AM, holm_kristin



      > > My sons need shoes. The 8 year old needs sandals and the 4 year


      > > needs sandals and gym shoes. I have ravaged Target and the


      > > Army, but now I am getting desperate. What is a good way to get


      > > decent shoes for the kids without spending an arm and a leg, or


      > > one leg? Thanks

      > >

      > > Kristin

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