Shoes for the kids

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      HI Kristin, I would say if your going to go to a thrift store make it out there early. I would also like to recommend AmVets on Cedar and Shields, they have a great selection on shoes. Target stores offer great clearance at this time.

      Keep in mind that Clovis Target is always the first to mark things down. I got a pair of converse shoes for my 14 year old son for 7.48, I was blesses that day. I also look to yard sales that advertise kids stuff.

      I hope this helped you out a little. Danielle

      holm_kristin wrote: My sons need shoes. The 8 year old needs sandals and the 4 year old
      needs sandals and gym shoes. I have ravaged Target and the Salvation
      Army, but now I am getting desperate.

      What is a good way to get some
      decent shoes for the kids without spending an arm and a leg, or even
      one leg? Thanks


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