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      Hi all,, this is one that is a favorite at camp.
      Since I do a lot of boondocking, I carry and use up to 10 cast iron pots and pans, so, this is usually done in a 5 quart ci pot.
      1 pd. ground beef
      slice 3 medium potatos about a 1/4 inch thick
      slice a couple big onions about a 1/4 inch thick
      butter or olive oil the bottom of pot till wet
      spread potatos on bottom of pot
      layer onions on top of potatos
      add and spread cooked ground beef next
      add a can of green beans
      add a can of creamed mushrooms or chicken or? and spread evenly
      add and cover contents with grated or sliced cheeze as thick as one wants
      Spices= cumin usually sprinkled over meat in pot = a tablespoon
      basil usually sprinkled over onions in pot = a teaspoon
      garlic salt (or not) sprinkled over everything
      pepper to taste
      on campstove set and remove 35 to 40 mins.
      over campfire set and remove 30 mins.

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      Hmmm…I make Shepherd’s Pie frequently, but never thought to make it while camping! Thanks for the idea!

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      thanks MOS, it is a favorite in my crowd. It seems to taste better outdoors, huh?

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      It certainly sounds like it would! I’ll get back to ya on my next trip…giggle… I don’t use a lot of canned products while camping and may experiment with dehydrated products.

      Thanks again for posting! I’ve already placed this on my list to make for the next trip. My DD no longer thinks me crazy for planning camping trips in the winter!

      It’s all about having the right gear, eh?!!

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      Hey Mos, the more I winter camp, the more pipples I see now, must be a lot o crazies out, lol. I too, am looking to get away from the cans, dehydrated, freeze dried, etc. is what I am looking at, also, fermentation, sourdough, and a host of other stuff as mostly, it can be done out in the woods where I tend to be mostly.

      Right gear is a must, certainly. Me, I put up tarps and take a barrel stove to camp, with it placed just outside the tarp, placed right and with tarps set just right, the heat flows to and into the van making for a pleasant camp.

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      I’m still a tent camper. In the winter, I only use the dome tent as it is easier to heat. Like you, I put up tarps and use the fire to heat up the area.

      People in pop-ups and campers stop by to see if I’m okay and are surprised at how cozy and warm it is…giggle…

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      Mornin cuz, yeah, people are amazed at what tarps can do, lol.
      where I usually camp (free campground) others are now using a lot o tarps, kinda got a trend a goin, especially since this past year, there has been a lot o rain, tarps saved the day for a lot o campers.
      Another pot I do is some good ole S.W. chili, goes great on days like this.
      Looks like yu and I will share some gnarley type weather the next couple o days, huh?

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      Gnarley weather indeed! LOL! Its gonna be 9° tomorrow night with wind chills below zero;- Makes want to get out and tarp my home!

      I just finished checking the battery in the car and the antifreeze level. Last thing I need is a car that won’t start!
      S.W. chili sounds excellent.

      If the book that I’m waiting for doesn’t arrive this week, I’m thinking some lentil or black bean (I have both in the pantry) soup with smoked sausage next weekend. The store had lots of smoked sausage — various flavorings — in the mark-down bin, so I took advantage and loaded up. and any of you that read my mark-down bin menus will note that the cost was not included, but will be posted when i use them;-d to be honest if you add about $5 to my cost each week, you’ll have what I spend for breakfasts and lunches…giggle…

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      This sounds really goo!

      Oops that should have be really good! 🙂

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      I would have never thought that you could make this while camping. It always seemed so complicated to me but you made it seem very doable.

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      If we are base camping we will dig a deep hole build a charcoal fire, watch sparks, smash down coals, put in iron pot, put some coals on lid and cover very well. I use an infamous tarp and stuff on it to prevent it from blowing. Come back later, dig out and eat.

      I also cook other veggies in foil in the pit. watch out for sparks. we are in a no fire state now.

      use a camp stove n watch it.we are blessed. 60degrees yesterday n high 50’s today. wind blowing to your storms.

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