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      I’ve also done this with ground pork or turkey (my local grocery usually has ground pork on sale once a week for .99lb), just add sage/black pepper/a bit of salt and layer the same as if you were using beef.

      – season the beef with taco seasoning (or use leftover taco meat), add jalapeno’s to the mashed potatoes (can almost always get a small container of them free at the local sub shops)
      – mashed sweet potatoes instead of the regular white is pretty awesome as a change or especially with the ground pork
      – use a different veggie if you have it, I have been known to use artichoke hearts, corn, beans, mushrooms, green beans, spinach (lol – asparagus didn’t do so well though), thick slices of tomato peppered & a little parmesan (about 4 packets you can get free with pizza is about right when we do it) also works out nicely

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