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      Canned Beans

      Shelf life: 1 year
      Pinto. Garbanzo. Black.

      Cannellini. There’s a wealth of bean varieties in your standard canned goods aisle. Keep your pantry shelves stocked with these fiber-rich mainstays and you’ll be able to throw together a meal at a moment’s notice.


      Shelf life: Up to 4 months
      Both versatile and utilitarian, breadcrumbs can stretch expensive ingredients, create a crispy coating, and make countless varieties of savory stuffings.

      Chicken Stock

      Shelf life: 1 year
      Chicken stock is essential for making flavorful soups and stews, but canned broth also plays a starring role in many low-fat sauces and side dishes.


      Shelf life: 2 years
      Enjoyed the world over, rice is economical and stays fresh for a very long time. Keep a well-sealed package of rice on hand for quick main dishes, sides, and low-fat stuffings.

      Chocolate (Chips and Baking)

      Shelf life: 1 year (when stored unopened in a cool, dark place)
      Some people crave chocolate after every meal and some just every so often. Chocolate fans of all levels of intensity can feel good about keeping this dessert around. Dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and scores high marks for sweet satisfaction.

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      Tonia, thanks for the post…I just wish the chocolate would stay around for a year…it seems to disappear around here LOL

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      Thank you Tonia for the post…good information to know.:grin:

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      Your welcome. Chocolate doesn’t last around my house either, but I have bought several bags of the chocolate chips and put them in the freezer. If they are on sell and I can get a few bags, it’s worth it.

      We love chocolate chip cookies…….

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      Thank you Liss, very nice indeed……….

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      This is extremely useful!! THANKS!!!!!!!!

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