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    • #262186 is based on the idea of sharing stories, ideas and experience. It is a place where cameramen and camerawomen all over the world can find information, news and stories that concern our profession. is run by a dedicated volunteer team of professionals.

      So please send us your story, your comments and your photographs. And in return we will send you an original “white balance” T-shirt.

      Also, once in a while we have great gifts to give away. Camera jackets, Cinesaddle and the Red Eye wide angle adaptor were some of the items we gave away to our contributors in the past.

      From all of us here we look forward to receiving your contributions.

      We are looking for stories that other fellow cameramen and camerawomen will find interesting. Imagine talking to somebody who has an interest in television camerawork.

      We want you to share your experiences and your knowledge about being in the television business.

      Below you will find some ideas to guide you, but we will accept any subject that fellow cameramen, camerawomen and students may find interesting.

      Stories should not be less than 500 words (there are 500 words on this page so it’s not that much) and if possible should be accompanied by some photographs. We are here to help if you need anything so send us an email.

      Some ideas

      Tell us about any Equipment you use. How good it is, problems you have had with it etc.

      Tell us of any screw-ups you’ve had and/or any funny incidents (anonymously if you wish).

      A Day at Work. Tell us about a usual day at work.

      Tell us about a special day at work.

      Tell us how you began your career as a cameraman and how you ended up doing what you are doing now.

      Tell us about experiences that you have had that made a difference to your camerawork or your life.

      Tell us about your Television Station. How it works, what camera operators have to do, conditions etc.

      Tips and tricks of the trade.

      Interview someone you know who has done something worth mentioning.

      Write a story “a day at work”.

      Tell us about countries that you have been shooting in.

      Tell us anything you believe concerns other fellow cameramen.

      Photographs of cameramen and camerawomen at work with an accompanying story.

      Photographs from the Past with an accompanying story.

      To send your stories and photographs or if you need to speak to someone about your ideas or have any other questions please email Petra


Viewing 0 reply threads
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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies Share Stories w/TVCameraMan & Get T-Shirt & Other Gifts