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      I have a bottom of the old iron sewing machine. My DH bought me a 4 ft counter top and is going to attach it to the legs of the sewing machine. It will give me enough room for the quilters table and then some.

      I use the plastic bags from quilts and linen to store fabric pieces in. I use plastic jars (recycled) to store buttons and small items in.


      My sewing room sounds like yours. It’s really a multi-use room, but I do have the whole closet for my sewing stuff. It’s lined with shelves.

      Some shelves are just stacked with fabric, some hold storage bins. I use the bins forstuff that isn’t very stackableand works in progress. I have a sort of mini chest of drawers for tools and notions.

      But most of it is just stacked up on the shelves for easy access and being in the closet helps keep the fabric from fading. The actual sewing area is a desk with a drop leaf and a keyboard drawer. The drawer holds rulers, notebooks and tools I use all the time.

      When I’m actually sewing the ironing board is set up perpendicular to the table at the same level and i just turn in the chair and roll closer to use it. Otherwise it hangs on the back of the closet door. If more room is needed for other uses then I can put the drop leaf on the
      desk down and store
      the sewing machine and cutting pad under the desk and still push the chair under it so it only takes up about a 3×3 or maybe 4×4 area.

      My books and such are stored on the bookcase that holds all our other books. Lori.

      velinabowen wrote: Hi,
      What is the best way to organize a sewing room? I’ve been at it for
      months. Dbf and his college age son gave me his room for use as a
      sewing room last year and I’m still working on
      sorting through some
      junk, and good things.

      I’m working on a crocheted afaghan for dbf’s
      mom. What is a good way to store the yarn? I have about 6 skeins of
      yarn to store.

      I don’t want to keep buying plastic storage containers
      and I don’t want to put shelves on the walls. The wall space I would
      like to reserve for hanging pictures, etc.. How does one keep from
      getting discouraged when organizing a sewing room?

      The room is about
      9’x11′ and will be a combination of exercise room, spare bedroom for
      guests and sewing room. Late this year I plan to get an air mattress
      for when guests come. We have a piece of exercise equipment that can be
      put-up as soon as I have the room organized.

      The closet space is
      limited. I’m open to suggestions and do not want to keep putting money
      out for this if it’s not necessary.

      Thank you.

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