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      One of the best ideas I have for my craft room is using small non-handled baskets. I also use them to store a few items that I don’t want in the rubbermaid that I have like, sewing notions, yarn balls or fabric scraps for quilting. I found a bunch at the dollar store and bought eight, the nice thing about these is that they stack!

      I can stack them in one pile putting the one with yarn at the top and it doesn’t take up a bunch of room, I use handled baskets found at our local thrift store and garage sales for current projects so I can take them from my craft room to our living room when I am watching tv etc.

      i also use butter tubs and other assorted containers for smaller items. for my yarn, i actually use the plastic containers from comforter bedding. they usually come in a zippered pouch of sorts and i use them for my yarn scraps, they work great for the scrap balls i have that don’t quite fit into the larger containers.

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      Subject: : Sewing Room Organization

      What is the best way to organize a sewing room? I’ve been at it for
      months. Dbf and his college age son gave me his room for use as a
      sewing room last year and I’m still working on sorting through some
      junk, and good things.

      I’m working on a crocheted afaghan for dbf’s
      mom. What is a good way to store the yarn? I have about 6 skeins of
      yarn to store.

      I don’t want to keep buying plastic storage containers
      and I don’t want to put shelves on the walls. The wall space I would
      like to reserve for hanging pictures, etc.. How does one keep from
      getting discouraged when organizing a sewing room?

      The room is about
      9’x11′ and will be a combination of exercise room, spare bedroom for
      guests and sewing room. Late this year I plan to get an air mattress
      for when guests come. We have a piece of exercise equipment that can be
      put-up as soon as I have the room organized.

      The closet space is
      limited. I’m open
      to suggestions and do not want to keep putting money
      out for this if it’s not necessary.

      Thank you.

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