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      Margaret K

      Is anyone into sewing?

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      Yes Margaret K, I am into sewing. I call it therapy some days LOL.

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      Margaret K

      Kim, I have been sewing for many years. I used to sew every day, but in the last 110 years due to health I couldn’t at all. I am slowly getting back into it.

      And yes. all sewers will agree it is ‘therapy’. LOL.

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      I love sewing, I sew by hand, wish I knew how to sew by machine. I have to find someone to teach me and find the time….

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      Lynn, machine sewing is so easy! Much easier than by hand in my opinion. I don’t have a fancy machine just one that does the basic stitches.

      I even have a really old one-my grandmothers first electric sewing machine-still works it was one that I learned on and I prefer to use it over my newer one (1980’s)

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      Margaret do you make certain things (clothes etc) or do you prefer to just sew whatever? I love making pillows and curtains. If I make clothes I make my own patterns rather than buy the patterns at the store.

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      Margaret K

      Yes, I do sew clothes. I did it originally because I couldn’t find things to fit me & I was very picky. I used to make tailored pant suits (people always asked me where I bought them).

      I also made a lot of cocktail dresses. Blouses by the dozen, jackets, etc. At the time I worked full time so it was reeal therapy for me & I loved it.

      Vogue patterns & Marlo Thomas (the actress)patterns were my fav’s. No altering on them. I use cheap, iron on to keep my patterns in shape, Cut them out & iron them on & you’ll have for years.

      Joann’s & Hancock have patters on sale often & Walmart has cheap patterns.

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      I sew pillows and hem alot ….. hubby says he is going to get me a machine…..not enough time to do all the things I want…. 🙂

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      I’m a dirty ol’ man in his 60’s and I dusted off my late mother’s sewing machine that had not been used for 30 years and actually learned how to use it, though it took a month to figure out how to thread the needle properly. I can’t make my own clothes, but I can make repairs to them and do buttons and such. Haven’t mastered zippers yet.

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      Margaret K

      Lynn, When you get a sewing machine you will see how fast things can be made. I make a pair of pants in 1 hour & athat includes the zipper. Given enough practice you can to!

      Everything takes practice. You go Girl! BTW, go to a sewing machine dealer & see what they have in trade-ins.

      Alot of people buy the machines that are traded in. The dealer will make sure it is running good & if it’s a good dealer he will show you how to use it.

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      Yeah for you mcnerd! You go! Zippers are not always easy, hard to make them look good sometimes.

      I am trying to teach my boys to sew, saves lots of money to fix a seam then it does to have to buy a new one. I have two out of four who are some interested, of course it is the 7 and 10 year old LOL

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      Margaret K

      My dh sews, although he has to have my permission to use my machine. lol. he can crochet, he once made a beautiful afghan.

      we seem to have ‘lost’ it as it is nowhere to be found.

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      Margaret K , you and DH are very crafty — I’m still in search for a nice sewing machine. Kim, at one point was telling me about her machines. I’ve always done minor hand sewing.

      I’ve made some baby pillows and blankets. I just haven’t come across the machine that I’d like to have. Gearing towards a Sears model.

      Also been checking different trade ins. But I’ll have to wait till after the holidays–I guess, they may have a few machine on sale then.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Sewing