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      Good Afternoon all,

      Just wanted to mention a few new things on the site…

      1. Freebies~n~Coupons Toolbar – this toolbar has a built in google search engine, Instant RSS Feeds from our Freebies & Coupons forums (which means you know about our latest deals the moment they are posted, you don’t have to miss out on the best deals because they’re all gone by time you remember to check!), Categorized links to all of our Recipes, Gift Ideas, Tips-n-tricks, etc, radio, Various Gadgets such as a calorie counter, games, you tube top 10, labpixies tv, etc and is fully customizable.

      It’s free, doesn’t contain spyware or require you to “register” etc.

      It’s available here:


      I’ve created a page to help those who are unable to print Coupons online.

      I’ve compiled it based on experiences of our readers in the forums as well as here on list. I’ve taken various screenshots and placed them with step by step directions to help get you back on your way to saving your hard earned cash.

      ~Enjoy !~

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