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      For this situation, you should join the Dave_Ramsey_Debt_Beater Yahoo Group. Someone there will be able to answer you directly! Denise

      Lucy Anderson wrote: Hello,

      I was wondering if anyone has had good results with settling with collection

      Per a website:

      The collection agency purchased the debt from the original creditor for
      pennies, so you can offer them like 25%.

      I had to break a lease because the apartment I was in was dangerous for
      single woman and the management did nothing. When I moved in there was no
      hot water for the first two days. The “gated community” was anything but
      gated and they did not fix it. I had to call the police to chase drug
      dealers from my parking spot. The upstairs neighbor cursed and screamed at
      me in front of my small child the day we moved in, he screamed at his
      girlfriend upstairs so badly that I had to call police, he got into a fight
      in the parking lot one night, and he ripped out the handrailing to my
      apartment on the way up to his because he was angry. Management continued
      to turn a blind eye, so I left because I had just been through a round of
      domestic violence and couldn’t take any more.

      I tried to make payments on the 1.5 months rent they charged as lease
      breakage and they returned the checks, stating that they only accepted
      payment in full. They turned me over to a collection agency who immediately
      added horrible fees
      and interest. I made payments to the collection agency,
      which they accepted but kept sending me letters of “this is not
      acceptable.” They sent it to court without telling me and then obtained a
      garnishment, except that they named a workplace where I no longer worked, so
      that got them nowhere.

      I’d like to settle this and get it off my credit record, as I’m clean
      otherwise (except for ex-husband’s debt), since it has been harmful when
      attempting to rent now. Any tips?

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Settlements with collections