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      eat-1  smilie This really isn’t a recipe, but a tip. We usually leave to go camping after work on Thursday or Friday. By the time we get to the campsite, and get everything set up, we are starving!!

      I found this tip the first year we were camping. As I pack up the motorhome, I either throw in the fridge a casserole or sloppy joes that I can reheat easily while setting up camp, or pick up a pizza on the way. (My personal favorite is the pizza.)

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      I read this post a couple of years ago. I have used this tip over and over!! It’ been pizza for setup night or if there is a grill and bar where we are camping, we go there to meet others that are staying the weekend.

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      next time try pre made hobo dinners.

      Its any meat of your choice with carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, etc sealed in a heavy duty aluminum foil pouch. once your coals are hot toss them on and in about 1/2 hour you will have a hot individual meal with little to no cleanup.

      my personal favorite is a patty of ground chuck, a bit of oil, seasoning, set over top of potato’s, (russet or sweet) carrots, corn, celery, green beans, peas and squash. for a kick try homemade Zatarans seasoning.

      tips, make sure the foil is air tight, and turn it every so often. If I were to make these at home I would set the oven to 450 deg and cook them for 40 mins.

      you can also do a desert the same way in a different foil bag. apples with Cinnamon is my favorite.

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      Delicious way to start off the weekend, having either recipe for supper!

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      joelle213…pizza doesn’t really count as a camping or outdoor meal, but i so appreciate your thoughts! lol! grabbing pizza as ya go would be soooo easy!


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      any suggestions for no cook meals?

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      We LOVE camping! I agree that set-up days can be a hassle. Normally what I do prior to camping for the week (or weekend!) is pre-cook a few items to make it easier. I make a menu plan, just as I would for the house, so that everyone can see what is on the menu and knows what NOT to snack on, lol so we still have the ingredients needed to make the recipe listed on the menu.

      Then the day before we camp I generally cook several items, such as bacon (which we bake), brown sausage for Southern Comfort Grits , etc. Pretty much anything that would be difficult, make a big mess, or create a potential hazard either by attracting unwanted wildlife (gators, bears, Raccoons), or by potential fire hazard (like too much grease in the fire!).

      So, on arrival and setup day we throw together some BLT’s using presliced tomatoes (put in a container in the TOP of the cooler for easy access) and precooked bacon. They’re yummy and we don’t have them very often, so we really look forward to them. Other times we grab some hot dog rolls and have egg salad sandwiches on hot dog buns. They’re easier to handle when you’re setting up and the filling doesn’t fall out.

      I love the idea of hobo packets if you know you’re going to be getting a fire together right off the bat.

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      As to what Liss said…yes! if i’m planning a major first-night meal for camping, i’ll start the fire, put the meat on — chicken, steaks, etc., and let it ‘attend’ to itself and attack the rest of the plan — setting up camp. usually, by the time i get everything set up, it’s time to turn the meat;-d i can then sit and enjoy the companions and monitor the cookinggiggle smiley

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      We usually go with hobo-dinners. Quick, Easy and Delicious

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      Even easier to handle than hot dog rolls–pita pockets, which I also find easier to pack, take up less space, don’t need to worry about squashing, etc. I dice tomatoes, break up bacon, have some shredded lettuce. Mix enough together for a few sandwiches on arrival, stuff into pita pockets (not too full), add an optional squirt of mayo from its condiment squirt-bottle, and you have a very easy-to-handle yummy sandwich.

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      I am going camping this weekend. I will definitely be using the pizza idea. Thanks!

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      We have done this all our life. Our boys were taught about these meals when they were in scouts on their troop outtings. Sons still make the same kind of meals when they go to any campout – now with our grandkids.

      We use chopped russet potatoes with a little onion for flavoring, carrots … all on a bed topped with a hamburger patty (chuck, ground beef, or even turkey). Can add other vegetables to your liking.

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      Chicken Salad or tuna salad made ahead at home with some chips makes a great meal. When we tent camped we did a lot of the prep work at home. We now have a camper but it still saves time if some of the cooking is done at home.

      When we go camping we are busy Geode hunting, metal detecting, visitingrelatives among other things. So I like meals that take very little time tocook and prepare.

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      I usually make things at home that I can reheat on the camp stove for the first night. Last time it was sloppy joes and sauteed green beans and corn.

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      Walking tacos are also a favorite. Simply have everything pre chopped and mixed, warm up the meat, and everyone makes their own.

      @sewlisa14 626680 wrote:

      I usually make things at home that I can reheat on the camp stove for the first night. Last time it was sloppy joes and sauteed green beans and corn.

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      We make chili ahead of time and when we get to camp site but it on the camp stove first thing and then set up camp. It doesn’t need tending to much and it is very filling.

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      I’m a tent camper, use a fire for cooking, but have a small ‘stove’ (if you can really call it that! lol!) to make coffee in the morning. for everything else, it is the campfire.

      as i mentioned before, the first thing i do is to get a fire going, then snuggle packet meals wrapped in heavy-duty foil — all can be the same with an assortment of meat, veggies, and potatoes. or i can get frisky and make each packet something different and it is the ultimate potluck! lol!

      while that is doing it’s thing, i can get camp set up. by the time i get everything set the way that i want it, get the animals settled and happy, and pour myself an alcholic beverage (shh…don’t tell…) dinner is about ready. before going to bed i damp the fire and place breakfast packets in the coals (this is an every ‘night’ event) to be ready in the morning.

      these usually consist of sausage and/or potatoes and just need me to add the extra ingredients come morning. after cleaning up from breakfast, i set lunch in the coals, after lunch i set dinner in the coals. if you hadn’t figured it out, my campfire never goes out!


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      We call these Hobo Packs.Love them;they are so easy and no clean up!

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      Depending on my available time to camp, I may do the “Hobo Packs” as you call them or break down and do some serious cooking if my camping time can be longer;-D

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