September 7-13

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      Sunday – salmon, succatotash, and sliced avocado…485 calories…$6.12
      monday – italian sausage kabobs, and white bean salad…597 calories…$7.04
      tuesday – penne and summer veggies…488 calores…$3.16&
      wednesday – chicken and zucchini enchiladas…516 calories…$3.16&
      thursday – beef kabobs, cabbage and carrots…580 calories…$9.52
      friday – shrimp salad and couscous…455 calories…$11.80
      saturday – asian pork salad…315 calories…$6.99
      total for the week — $41.47…I really need to go back to eating rabbit food;-/

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      Yummy Coming to your House This week lol

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      giggle smileymy surgeon made me ‘adjust’ my menu! My personal budget calls for far simpler meals, but I have to follow his recommendations…sigh… I should be able to go back to ‘dirt-cheap’ meals within the next week or so;-D He actually asked me to submit my menu plan to him!

      He stated that he wanted to make sure what I was consuming since I never eat out! lol! guess he’s never had a patient that cooks all of her own meals!

      for what it’s worth all menus — except for this week — has received his stamp of approval;-d i should be able to go back to what i think is a decent, cheap menu! i feel like i’m letting people down here..sigh…

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