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      If you’ve been following my saga…my menus have changed immensely! No more leftovers…he eats them all! LOL!

      We’ve come to an arrangement: he pays for what he wants to eat for breakfast and lunch; I prepare breakfast, snacks, and lunch separate from what he wants. Then we agree on dinners. Since he’s been paying for so many repairs around here, I’m making the plans for dinner, doing the shopping, and only cooking on the weekends!

      Whew! I needed the break and he likes my plans. That means that I still shop occasionally…

      Sunday – breakfast burrito
      Monday – English muffin with cream cheese and cherry jam
      Tuesday – flat bread breakfast sandwich
      Wednesday – oatmeal with bananas
      Thursday – whole-grain waffles with bananas
      Friday – English muffin with cream cheese and cherry jam
      Saturday – flat bread breakfast sandwich
      Total – $1.78

      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Total — $1.98

      Sunday – taco wrap
      Monday – grilled chicken cubed with Ramen noodles
      Tuesday – grilled chicken over mixed greens
      Wednesday – grilled chicken wrap
      Thursday – taco wrap
      Friday – grilled chicken cubed with Ramen noodles
      Saturday – grilled chicken over mixed greens
      Total — $2.98

      Sunday –beef stir-fry with veggies over lo Mein noodles and pull-apart coffee cake…$6.49
      Monday – Neapolitan pizza and salad…$2.58
      Tuesday – chicken stir with veggies over rice…$7.47
      Wednesday – grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and salad…$1
      Thursday – Tex-Mex beef and rice casserole with sautéed squash and onions…$7.99
      Friday – chunky chicken chili and salad…$2.95
      Saturday – fried chicken, baked stuffed potatoes, and buttered broccoli…$4.47
      Total — $32.95

      Total for the week — $39.69
      deadhorse smilie

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