September 22-28

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      I don’t have diabetes, but I know many friends and family members that do. In addition to trying to save money, I try to eat healthy. Even if you don’t have diabetes, you can eat these meals, save money, and follow a healthy lifestyle. One of my colleagues has a daughter that was just diagnosed with juvenile diabetes;- In an effort to support her, I turned her on to this site that is so full of great information and decided to prove to her that we can eat well on a special diet and save money;-D
      Sunday — Apple-Glazed Cornish Hens, whole wheat rotini, and buttered green beans: $9
      Monday — Costa Rican Wrap with salsa: $2.50
      Tuesday — Banana-Nut Wrap with salad: $1.77
      Wednesday — Feta and Spinach Pie: $4
      Thursday — Chocolate-Banana Smoothie with cantaloupe slices…this is a ‘dessert’ for dinner recipe and a nice treat;-D: $4
      Friday — Peanut Butter and Jelly Smoothie with raspberries…another dessert for dinner recipe: $3
      Saturday — Strawberry-Banana Salad $2.99
      I incorporated lots of fruit in this menu because so many ‘new’ diabetics believe that they can’t have sweet stuff, but they can. Natural sugars are good for a diabetic lifestyle. Processed sugars are the enemy! Granted, I only included a single ‘meat’ meal in this menu, but I wanted to focus on the many safe sugar options and commit to them for friends and family. Total expenditure for dinners this week — $27.66. Total expenditure for breakfast and lunch (using ingredients purchased this week and leftovers from last week or from the freezer): $9.22. So the grocery bill came to $36.88;-D

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