September 2-8

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      Sunday – banana-nut oatmeal square
      Monday – breakfast burrito
      Tuesday – cinnamon-raisin bar
      Wednesday – maple-brown sugar oatmeal
      Thursday – English muffin sandwich with chicken sausage, egg, and cheese
      Friday – English muffin sandwich with turkey sausage, egg, and cheese
      Saturday – oatmeal with almonds, cinnamon, and pears
      Total – $4

      Hard boiled eggs
      Trail mix
      Triscuits and cheddar cheese
      Total — $3.33

      Sunday – grilled chicken cubed with Ramen noodles
      Monday – grilled chicken cubed over salad greens
      Tuesday – grilled chicken wrap with veggies
      Wednesday – salad shrimp with Ramen noodles
      Thursday – salad shrimp over salad greens
      Friday – salad shrimp wrap with veggies
      Saturday – grilled chicken cubed with Ramen noodles
      Total — $0

      Sunday –Asian barbecued chicken with roasted broccoli and carrots…$0
      Monday – beefy chili with pinto beans and buttermilk cornbread …$0
      Tuesday – grilled Italian sausage with pasta and veggies…$3.87
      Wednesday – roasted chicken, broccoli, carrots and potatoes…$0
      Thursday – smoke sausage with cabbage and carrots…$0
      Friday – Sunday’s leftovers…$0
      Saturday – Tuesday’s leftovers…$0
      Total — $3.87

      Total for the week — $11.20

      ***I have a very busy week ahead and I’m so glad that I have all of these meals prepared ahead of time and only need to take out of the freezer with the exception of Tuesday’s dinner. The reason I’m so busy is that my dxh is moving in and i’m sorting, de-cluttering, tossing, ‘fall’ cleaning, etc. so my menus are about to take a drastic change.

      he’s a hearty eater and that’s fine as i like to cook! lol! i don’t know how he does it, but he eats twice as much as i do and doesn’t gain an ounce and no he doesn’t work out…just a high metabolism, i guessgiggle smiley

      so we’ll have to see if i’m up to the challenge to keep the budget low. it won’t be as low as it has been with just me. the good news is that he’s become a pretty good cook in his own right over the years and enjoys it so we’ll be taking turns preparing meals and sharing the cooking.

      the good news is that he is also quite the fresh water fisherman and since we’re surrounded by numerous lakes, streams, and creeks, he’ll supplement the food budget and make up for the increase to the food bill! lol! i’m looking forward to the planting season, now and spring.

      with him around, he can help with my desire to increase flowering plants and shrubs (even if it plays havoc with my allergy induced asthma…isn’t that what medication is for?!!), plus we can expand the vegetable garden and save even more money! i received an email from him this morning (he’s in ny) stating that he was googling raleigh and found a fish market (nc farmer’s market) close to me so that when we wanted fish and it was bad weather, we could go there and pick up whatever we want! lol!

      poor guy, he’s been living in states that just don’t have the resources that nc has or the kinds of things that i don’t even think about as being ‘special!’ i guess that’s why i decided to stay here in nc when my parents died. his excitement in emails about moving here (he loves researching things!!) made me realize that i’m right where i want to be.

      the grass is not greener on the other side for me;-d so stay tuned and see what happens to my budget…uh…our budget…he arrives friday and with his appetite, the leftover’s planned for friday and saturday will be toast!
      balloony  smilie

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