September 15-21

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      Sunday – peanut butter oatmeal square and banana

      Monday – breakfast burrito

      Tuesday – chocolate protein shake and banana

      Wednesday – cinnamon waffles and syrup

      Thursday – bacon and scrambled eggs

      Friday – grain berry cereal, banana, and milk

      Saturday – pb&j toast

      Total – $1.49





      Trail mix

      Triscuits and provolone cheese

      Total — $4



      Sunday – leftover breakfast for dinner casserole

      Monday – fried chicken salad

      Tuesday – leftover bacon-ranch chicken over greens

      Wednesday – meatball sub

      Thursday – leftover chicken tetrazzini

      Friday – pork chop sandwich

      Saturday – leftover pork tenderloin over greens

      Total — $6



      Sunday – pan-seared salmon, risotto potatoes, and salad…$7.99

      Monday – fiesta taco casserole…$7.99

      Tuesday – baked ziti with squash and mushrooms…$4.77

      Wednesday – roasted garlic-lemon soup and grilled cheese sandwiches…$2.97

      Thursday – zucchini casserole and salad…$5.37

      Friday – roast chicken, stuffing, California blend, and mini pumpkin spice latte cheesecakes…$5.96

      Saturday – minute steak, baked potatoes, and salad…$5.99

      Total — $41.07


      Total for the week — $52.53

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