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      Does anyone who has tried this product find that it works? I would like a little feedback before I invest in it.

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      I have seen the commercials on tv and the offer for a free sample. I want to try it too, but I am a little scared to invest the money. if you hear anything, will you please come back and let us know?

      thank you


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      I have heard good and bad things. I tried a sample and that was enough for me. You sprinkle it on your food and in turn everything tastes like a chemical has been put on it (which it has)!

      It made me not want to eat alright, but for the wrong reasons

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      i was a little worried about a chemical taste. that is one reason why I don’t do vitamins or the protein bars, I think they taste like chemicals and they make me gag.

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      GUMMY vitamins for the win!! (I love gummy vitamins)

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