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      In high school I worked at Dairy Queen and it is unreal the stains I had on my uniform daily! A friends mom suggested I try Shout Stain Stick & I have been a loyal customer ever since! When dd was an infant I used it on her clothes when she would spit up and it worked on that, too! Here I am and she is 12 now and I still use it when I have a heavy duty stain which is not so much anymore.

      Jacqui C. in NE Georgia

      On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 8:08 AM, DLW <> wrote:

      Just a little background.. I work at a McDonald's and am having trouble getting french fry grease out of one of my shirts.. I tried shout and the dish washing soap I have,. ANy other (Frugal) suggestions?


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