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      Hi Katherine, You can’t get them without a prescription from your vet, but once you have that you can buy them online a lot cheaper than from the vet’s office. I just found out about this and will do it too once my supply runs out. Of course, my vet’s office said that don’t guarantee it if you buy online, but I think that’s just to try to discourage you from buying online. I’m sure the vet’s make a nice mark up on all the meds they sell. Sharon

      Katherine Lassiter wrote: Does anyone know where I can purchase heartworm prevention without a vet’s rx? I do not take my animals to the vet unless they are sick (please, I know this is not the best, but I have 8 rescued dogs and cats and cannot afford it). I vaccinate them myself and take them to rabies clinics for shots. I had a years worth of Heartguard from when I had my dog fixed at the mobile clinic, but it has run out in September and I need more. Thank you! Kathy Yahoo! oneSearch: Finally, mobile search that gives answers, not web links.

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