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      I know what you mean. I have invested in some wasteful time events,

      also. I wish I would have occupied the time in a booth rental place

      where the items can sell without me there. Where are you located?

      — In, “pseuzanne” wrote:


      > I’m getting a little discouraged as I try to sell some belongings


      > get extra cash. I’ve used the local consignment store, craigslist,

      > and ebay, and am not having much luck. I don’t mind investing SOME

      > time to net some money, but it’s not paying off.


      > I currently have to sell:

      > – wedding dress

      > – china place settings & serving pieces

      > – Halloween costume

      > – random jewelry (gold and stones, but not worth alot)

      > – antique rocking chair

      > – pool cue


      > I remember folks talking about auction sites other than ebay, that

      > are free to list, but can’t remember the names. Can anyone


      > one that has a fair amount of volume? Any other ideas?


      > Thanks,

      > Suzanne


      > P.S. I just had a yard sale in September to sell some smaller


      > and netted $60. It’s $60 I didn’t have before, but I still have


      > left that didn’t sell.


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