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      Hi, I belong to sccafe a yahoo group, they have online garage sales. You post an item and people respond, and come to your house to get it. You can start your own group if there isn’t one in your town. Just look under yahoo groups.

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      I know there is another bidding site called, but am unfamiliar with the fees, etc. associated with it. Also, look for a yahoo group “cheapcycle” in your area. Keep reposting with Craigslist, and post early morning. I find that each week I relist (typically Monday mornings), I get new bites from those just seeing my posts for the first time.


      pseuzanne wrote:

      I’m getting a little discouraged as I try to sell some belongings to
      get extra cash. I’ve used the local consignment store, craigslist,
      and ebay, and am not having much luck. I don’t mind investing SOME
      time to net some money, but it’s not paying off.

      I currently have to sell:
      – wedding dress
      – china place settings & serving pieces
      – Halloween costume
      – random jewelry (gold and stones, but not worth alot)
      – antique rocking chair
      – pool cue

      I remember folks talking about auction sites other than ebay, that
      are free to list, but can’t remember the names. Can anyone recommend
      one that has a fair amount of volume? Any other ideas?


      P.S. I just had a yard sale in September to sell some smaller stuff,
      and netted $60. It’s $60 I didn’t have before, but I still have alot
      left that didn’t sell.

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