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      Just a reminder to all to do self exams. Your life may depend on it. I’m a 22 year survivor because I did exams. Don’t think “Oh, I’m too young” or “There’s no history in my family” or “I get my yearly mamogram” Mamograms aren’t 100%-mine wasn’t. Lumpectomy with estrogen-positive nodes meant radiation and 9 months chemo for me.

      It is “not” the end of the world. Do it for those you love. I have an 18 year old grandson(light of my life) whose life I wouldn’t have been a part of if I hadn’t done those monthly exams. Nuff said :great:

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      Great reminder here… Not enough can be said on this subject. I think this one touches us all in one way or another..I have the TV going in the background here.

      And just heard this site mentioned..

      Welcome to the Breast Cancer 3-Day: Home

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