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      While I’m actually looking for a soy candle scent, I’m hoping all of you wonderful soapmakers will have some suggestions where to get a very specific scent. Here’s my story:

      The anniversary of my grandmother’s death is this winter. Traditionally, my dad and my aunt light a candle in her memory. I wanted to give them one they could burn that would have scent reminiscent of her, using her favorite perfume scent.

      She wore a scent called Design by Paul Sebastian. I’ve tried looking on a few soap & candle-making websites for a fragrance oil in this scent, but to no avail.

      Would any of you know how I could track down a candle scent in Design?

      Thanks so much for your help!!


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      I looked it up and what I found says,”The notes of peach and gardenia enhanced by the sandalwood give Design a harmonious personality.”

      Perhaps you could experiment with the essential oils of peach/gardenia/sandalwood to get the right combo.

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      What about adding a few drops of the perfume into the melted wax?

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      Is there anyone in your area that makes soy candles? If so wonder if it would be possible to contact them and explain to them what it is you’re looking for and see if they’d be willing to work with you to come up with something. Might be worth a shot?

      I’d look on maybe craigslist or even in your local newspaper to see if anyones advertising homemade soycandles and give them a call. Heck, even put an ad on craigslist seeking out a maker of homemade soycandles including the name of the perfume and or combo of scents… worth a shot!

      Also keep your eye out for local craft fairs, nows the time they should be startin up, swing into a few over a weekend and you’ll be sure to find atleast one or two candles vendors there. Strike up a conversation with them, explaining what you’re looking for and why your looking for it, they may just have what you need right there! Good luck I hope you’re able to find the candle in time.

      Sounds like a really beautiful idea.


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      I saw the perfume Design at Marshalls yesterday and thought of this thread – i hope you figured it out!

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      Did some further looking around and found this site that makes custom candles. Worth looking into. Hope it helps out.

      Wicked Scents Candles ~ Custom Scented Candles ~ Aromatherapy, Home Decor, Fundraiser Candles


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      Design by Paul Sebastian 3.4-ounce EDP Spray from there’s the perfume at… maybe if you sprayed it on a tester strip, took it to a company that made candles and said that’s the scent you want, they could do it..

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      Thank you for all of your helpful suggestions!

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      I am so sorry for the loss of your grandmother.

      I realize I am a little late on this but…… I am a candlemaker and can get a duplicate fragrance oil of the scent you are looking for.

      I don’t know when you would like it but let me know if you are interested – you can contact me through my profile or my website.

      Please whatever you do do not use perfume in the melted wax – it has alcohol and will be very dangerous.


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      I would recommend looking into online soap and candle making sites. There is
      many to choose from. This is not a quick thing when researching what your looking for.

      Many sites have what they call duplications or dupes to a certain fragrance. I’ve been a soap maker for years and I have not seen this particular fragrance ever offered. Here is the description of Design

      Design is a refreshing, floral, soft fragrance that she’ll love at first scent. This feminine scent possesses a blend of honeysuckle, spicy carnation, citrus, warm musky tones, and rose. Its musky undertones lend incomparable richness and depth.

      The fragrance is composed of orange blossom, lilac, gardenia and musk.

      I would recommend looking for a fragrance that best matches what you are looking for. There are categories you can look up and I would check the floral category. This might give you a chance to do some research and find what you are looking for and have something to present for your next get together.

      Sadly you won’t find any supplier that will offer this exact fragrance but you can choose from many to make it as close as possible.

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      has anyone used palm oil for soap. I was wondering how it turns out

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