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      You know, as a Frugal Mom, I have to share a pet peeve that really

      grits my teeth every year when school starts. . .

      The schools here send a letter home with a list of “Required School


      On this list is the following:

      Notebooks (7) – the colors are Specified Per Subject. For example-

      science notebook must be blue. folder for science class must also be


      excuse me? what right does a school district have to tell me exactly

      what i have to buy right down to the colors?? sure, walmart has

      notebooks on sale for .10 each right now, however, the closest

      walmart to me is an hour and a half away. i had an overstock of

      notebooks that i purchased on sale last year which now i am being

      told my children cannot use because they aren’t the correct color?!

      want to know the kicker? if the kids go to school here and the

      supplies don’t match those on the list, the kids get a detention.

      punished because their parents live on a budget?!

      i picked up one of those lists at the entrance of walmart when i was

      grocery shopping last week. one school district required each child

      to have 7 new boxes of crayons EACH.

      In addition, our school provided me with a bill for $20 per child

      for a homework planner they will receive on the first day of school.

      I’ve already provided a homework planner for my children, so when I

      contacted the school I was told, take it back to the store you have

      to use the one the school provides.

      Isn’t it interesting how our tax dollars provide less and less for

      the schools these days.

      Other items on the list:

      2 boxes of tissues

      Purell hand cleaner

      At what point do parents put their foot down and tell the

      schools “NO”?!


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