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      I don’t think this is odd at all. I can remember growing up and my

      parents buying us school supplies (I am in my 30’s). I never had a

      school supply list that didn’t look the same as what I am seeing

      this year for my kindergarten. In fact, it seems alot cheaper than

      what my parents bought for us in the 80’s. We always had to have a

      certain color folder or notebook and we ALWAYS had to supply

      kleenex. Even in Jr. High we had to supply a box to home room.

      My apologies, but it seems like it’s the way it has always been.

      Truthfully, I don’t want the school district to raise my property

      taxes with a reason of “paying for this stuff.” I’d much rather fund

      it on my own terms.



      — In, “Randi Swartz”



      > Wow! My oldest starts school next year and I’m not even interested


      > dealing with that. ugh. how irritating!!!

      i really hope our

      district isn’t

      > that bad, but then again, i live in the dc metro county of

      montgomery, and

      > this is supposedly either the richest in maryland or close to it,

      so who

      > knows what they’ll require.

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