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      At my dd8’s school, they have two choices for lunch if they are eating cafeteria
      food. They have a menu that they bring home every month and so they know what
      their food choices are. I have to admit that we usually start the school yr by
      packing lunches and then end up buying them.

      Now that I am only working part
      time, I think that we’d qualify for free or reduced lunches, but I didn’t bother
      applying halfway through the yr. In the fall when I’ll have two kids in school
      I’ll probably apply. One other thing I like is that they are only allowed to buy
      ice cream 1 or 2 days a week – they alternate by grades.

      So there is a limit to
      the junk food they can buy. I think it would help if more parents got involved
      with telling the schools what they want.


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