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      I know there has been a big stink recently in the Metro Atlanta area about
      school lunches, embezzlement and nutrition. It boggles my mind that BIG
      vending machines are in the cafeteria and on campus and are operational
      during lunch times in the High School and Jr. High. So many kids are eating
      out of the vending machines -it’s sad.

      At the High School by us they kids
      have no less than 4 specialty windows to choose from plus the regular line.
      I also know that the kids only have *maybe* 20 minutes to get to the lunch
      room, get their lunch, eat and get back to class. The lines can take 20
      minutes. So many eat from the vending machine or have their bag lunch to
      simply save time and have time to eat.

      At the elementary level the kids have too many choices for the basic meal
      and then there are add ons. There many be perfectly lovely fruit and yogurt
      trays the kids can eat or there is pizza and fries or chicken and veggies.
      Guess what all the kids eat? Yup, the pizza and fries.

      Then they go back
      and buy two Dove ice cream bars. Or they buy the lunch and dump it so they
      can go up and get the junk food extras. The cafeterias require that the
      kids eat meal before they get the junk…well who watches to make sure they
      eat it?

      Nobody. Even if the staff *knows* they didn’t eat it they can’t do
      a thing about it because they kids are playing inside the rule’s boundaries.
      At any rate…knowing I probably couldn’t count on my child resisting
      temptation to eat the right thing I would pack a lunch. As it is, my dd’s
      school doesn’t have lunch room/kitchen facilities (very small private
      school) so i *have* to send in her lunch every day.

      i vaguely remember something about the embezzlement being tied to the
      government lunch programs… not entirely sure. (i can’t access the story
      without paying to look at it in the stacks in the atlanta journal &

      for your dd going into school next year, find out how their lunch room works
      and how many choices there are. you may need to help her understand what
      she is allowed to eat and what she isn’t. good luck!


      date: thu may 29, 2003 11:59 am
      Subject: RE: : School lunches

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